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Cycle Training
to Accredited
Bikeability Standards


Lessons for 
Individuals or Groups 
Complete beginners
Those returning to cycling
Cycling to work or school
Advanced urban cycling
Route planning 
Cycling for health
Basic bike maintenance

Courses for safer cycling arranged in 
Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire,
Peterborough and N. Hertfordshire.


Ridingabike Cycle Training Courses to Bikeability Standards

Level 1:-  Is where you learn to control your bike.

By completing Level 1, you can show you have the skills to ride where there are no cars and that you are ready to start your road training.

Level 2:-  Is where you start with real traffic, but sticking to quiet roads.

By completing Level 2 you can show you have the skills to make a trip safely to on quiet roads and cycle lanes, perhaps to school or work .

Level 3:-  Is where you can move up to busy roads and advanced road features. It's like driving or motorbike lessons, one to one, and once you have done it you should be able to cycle most places safely.

Bikeability Accredited

Cambridgeshire Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Peterborough

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Cambs Beds Herts

Richard Cooper Cycling Instructor

RIDINGABIKE (Learn to Cycle with Confidence)



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