Bikeability Training Courses


Level 1:- 

This is where you learn to control your bike. By completing Level 1, you can show you have the skills to ride where there are no cars and that you are ready to start your road training.

Duration ( typically a two hour session

Demonstrate understanding of safety equipment & clothing
Carry out a simple bike check 
Get on and off the bike 
Start off and pedal 
Stop the bike 
Ride along independently 
Make the bike go where they want 
Use the gears correctly (where the bike has gears)
Stop quickly with control¬ Swerve to avoid objects
Look all around, including behind, with control
Control the bike with one hand

Cycle in a shared space
Highlighted sections are not compulsory

Level 2:-

Here you start with real traffic, but riding on quiet roads.¬  By completing Level 2 you can show you have the skills to make a trip safely to on quiet roads and cycle lanes, perhaps to school or work. 

Duration ( typically three two hour sessions for larger groups )

 All level 1 manoeuvres
Start an on road journey
Finish an on road journey
Be aware of everything around, including behind, while riding
Understand how and when to signal intentions to other road users.
Understand where to ride on the roads being used.
Pass parked or slower moving vehicles.
Pass side roads¬ and crossroads riding along the major road.
Turn left into a minor road.
Turn left into a major road.
Turn right from a minor road onto a major road.
Turn right from a major road onto a minor road.
Demonstrate decision making and understanding of safe riding strategy
Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Highway Code
Make a U turn.

Decide where cycle lanes can help a journey and demonstrate the correct use
Go straight on from a minor to a minor road at a crossroads
Use a mini roundabout and single lane roundabouts.
Highlighted sections are not compulsor

Level 3:- 

Where you can move up to busy roads and advanced road features.¬  Lessons are one to one and tailored to suit individual cyclists needs by selecting as many of the topics as required.¬  These sessions have the potential of developing your confidence to be able to cycle most places safely. Duration ( typically a two hour session ) 
All Level 2 manoeuvres
Preparing for a journey:  may include route planning, weather, bike locking, night riding, carrying bags carrying children
Understanding advanced road positioning turning on and off multi-lane roads and roundabouts
Passing queuing and knowing when and how to filter
Demonstrate advanced hazard perception including (HGV) driver blind spots and hazardous road surfaces
How to use roundabouts
How to use traffic light controlled junctions including those with advanced stop boxes
Manage vehicles that pull in and stop such as buses when riding in a bus lane
Ride in pairs or groups with other cyclists
Ride on roads with a speed limit above 30 mph
Highlighted sections are not compulsory

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