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Ridingabike offer quality controlled, government approved, Bikeability training courses to schools where we deliver instruction that builds on the youngster’s enthusiasm and develops their road craft skills and awareness of what is required to cycle well.
We endeavour to simplify things for the host school by undertaking much of the administration and our professional instructors are all enhanced DBS checked and current first aiders. We offer well proven systems, including option the of simplified online parental consent collection. To help keep course coordination on track.
We are happy to visit schools to provide course details and talk with class groups, assemblies and parent groups to generate greater interest and understanding.
Promoting cycling has many benefits to the school curriculum by providing the students opportunity to extend their learning experience outside of the classroom. 
Courses may also be organised for PTAs and other parent support groups. Training for pupils with Special Needs can also be arranged
Our training sessions point out where we are able to utilise the knowledge gained in many classes including maths, literacy, physics, bio-mechanics, geography, drama, humanities yet alone physical education. 
Regular cycling improves peoples general well being, fitness levels, enhances attentiveness and independence.


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